course on: Women, Peace and Leadership

In 1975 Rosa ´Muki´ Bonaparte wrote a manifesto to «directly involve women in the struggle against colonialism and to eliminate all forms of violence against women». Thirty seven years later «the election of this year saw 671 women candidates representing 21 political parties, as opposed to the parliamentary elections in 2007 with 242 women candidates from 14 political parties». Continuing in the spirit of Rosa Muki´s manifestothe Peace and Conflict Studies Center has set itself the goal to educate and train active young women leaders in order to achieve a better future for the Timorese people.

Rosa Muki Bonaparte

Objective of this course:

  • Enhance Leadership capacities for young women
  • Promote Female Leadership in Politics
  • Provide for the implementation of CEDAW in Timor-Leste.

Who can participate in This Course:

College women from UNTL, UNPAZ, DIT, IOB, UNDIL and other in Timor-Leste

Specific programs:

  • Research-short invidual research on topics of Peace and Conflict in Timor-Leste
  • Media outreah strategies-how to write a press release, lobbying
  • Public speech-analyzing public speach and wrting own speech, practicing to speak in public
  • Political edukation and alternative leadership campaign, workshop, visiting rural areas and organizations, exchange with women leaders
  • Youth and students parliament-orgnization and practicing with a UN debate, Political party gathering, budget debate and diplomacy
  • Organize events-learning how to set up an event, preside meetings, write minutes, make a financial plan, organize PR
  • Administration-basic knowleadge of financial management and office management
  • Extra language training for the interested-Portuguese and English.

This course will start on 01 September to 28 November 2012.


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