PCSC is a center to provide the books and references for the university student and lecturer as a references and PCSC also provide the center for  youth and student volunteer and working with the partner organization to advocate peace building and conflict transformation in the country itself and world.

1. Peace Resource Center
Peace Resource Center as a library in the center that to provide references on conflict resolution and peace building for practitioners/academics and civil society organizations.

2. Peace and Conflict Research
To influences for university and civil society. To develop indigenous knowledge and active local leaders and expert in Peace Building.

3. Youth/student skill development
To involve youth in peace building both national and regional, to improve skills of young people in conflict resolution and other skills required for they youth as workforce and self-employers

4. Peace and Solidarity Campaign
PCSC linking with the GPPAC AD-HOC Timor Leste working together for the peace campaign and solidarity campaign for the country itself and the world like as Burma

5. Media and Publications
To disseminate information to communities to publish research findings for references.

6. Program supporting system
(Financial, administration and office management) To support the overall operation of the Peace Center

7. Post Graduate Studies
English course for the lecturer and student as a preparation for their studies to continue master degree


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